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The ADAS systems (Advanced Drive Assistance System) and driver sub-systems  are groups of electronic technologies that assist drivers in steering and parking functions, segmented into different autonomy levels (0 to 5).

We are in advanced engineering stage already running ADAS#3 systems.

LogiGo is running the latest tests to enable new systems for autonomous driving, complementing the connectivity portfolio.

First objective delivery ADAS#3, with levels 4 and 5 still in development on the Roadmap. They will be offered as a standalone multi-application solution, with future integrations with other vehicle systems, including Infotainment.

The system is based on readings by smart cameras to be calibrated for automakers and possible other B2B customers.

Credits Auto Esporte, interview on 08/15/2021 with Antonio Azevedo, CEO LogiGo

(LogiGo system at 5:18 minute)

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