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In 2020, many challenges emerged with the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing as a measure to contain Covid-19 has made people, the government and companies rethink their priorities, management and relationship within society.


This invisible enemy promoted a reflection on the uncertainties and findings about our structure as a whole. But, if the moment was one of physical isolation and emergency actions in public health, innovative initiatives give a breath of hope and humanity to people and also to our business.

Thinking about that,we founded the Health & Health brand, with the purpose of applying Logigo's know-how of importing and negotiating with international suppliers to deliver pandemic-oriented health products.

Products such as alcohol gel, rapid covid19 test, thermometers, masks and many others were developed and distributed over these two years.

Health _Health_logo.jpg


by ANVISA to carry out the logistics of our products.


2 million

of sanitizers antiseptic Gel


22 states

received distribution of Health & Health products


1 million

of thermometers Meter
infrared digital
Temperature Measurement
Body at a distance


4 million

of masks sold
for hospitals, clinics and
physical persons.


3 millions

quick tests for
hospitals and clinics in
coping with covid-19

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