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Fleet Management

Security, TCO Control and efficiency, support for customized business models, and different mobility modes. LogiGo Fleet Management: Data-based management, user-based performance and sharing modes.


Business Modeling & UX in Fleet Management

- Chartered transportation (Chartered transportation)

- Corporate working fleet logistics and services (Corporate working fleet)

- Lease (Traditional Rental)

- Sharing: Free Floating Round Dropping

- Sharing: Free Floating One Way Drop

- Corporate Sharing (corporate fleet sharing)

- P2P (Peer to Peer)

Plug & Play Solution

According to ABLA (Brazilian Association of Vehicle Rental Companies), the population of small and medium-sized companies that have fleets of different sizes exceeds 40,000. Our vision is to deliver a Plug&Play portfolio to meet this wide range and deliver the basic precepts through an intelligent tool that adapts to the customer's needs.


High degree of Customization for each Business

The portfolio connects and can be broadly customized for the commercial vehicle ecosystem, whether cargo or passenger, delivering functionalities and integrations for delivery models, large logistic routes, associated services (supply cards, tolls, circuitry of the best route in terms of TCO and efficiency, guaranteeing agility, economy and online management of information and support.

Whether in closed circuits (condominiums, parking lots or closed sites) or public roads, the integration of the vehicle with charging infrastructure definitely goes beyond the delivery of value and allows for scale. Electric vehicle health monitoring features, whether battery monitoring supported by alerts and performance can also be integrated, targeting Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the mobility of the future.


Integration of Electric Mobility Ecosystem


Micro Urban Mobility and Sharing

The fleet management technology here is strongly connected to the concepts of sharing economy, fostering more and more common Sharing models. Simpler features already bring a great differential for fleet management, but also indirect benefits (optimization or elimination of transport costs of redistribution of vehicles throughout the cities). Round Droping and Free Floating concepts can be customized.

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