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Escritorio da Logigo na Vila Olimpia

At its founding, in 2010, LogiGo started in the market as a supplier of high quality and innovative multimedia equipment for car manufacturers (OEM) located in Brazil.Starting with TOYOTA do Brasil, we put quality as our main focus. In this way, we employ ISO 9001: 2015 as our standard, achieving market recognition. 


In its DNA, LogiGo was born to meet needs not fully met in the market in which it operates. Thus, we are constantly studying opportunities to win new customers through technological disruption and user experience.

Escritorio da Logigo na Vila Olimpia na area de vivencia

Today, in addition to supplying hardware, we also develop connectivity solutions for urban mobility - fleet management, vehicle sharing system and new modes - such as scooters and electric bicycles.

Our strong market presence is focused on providing hassle-free smart solutions to the OEM, B2B and B2C market


Looking to the future, identifying trends and anticipating innovative technological solutions for mobility to our customers, offering a unique user experience that provides connectivity, convenience, quality of life, information and freedom of choice.


To become the world's leading player in technological innovation focused on communication, information and entertainment for the mobility sector.


Pioneering, loyalty and commitment to the result.

Image by Dmitry Berdnyk


With offices in Brazil and the United States, we can respond to our customer needs - OEMs, B2B and B2C - promptly. Our workers around the world, with our disruptive culture built in, will deliver more effectiveness and innovation, acting locally.

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