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Automotive HMI & UX

Personalization, audio, image and video, developed in UX processes for the best experience, combined with branding and visual communication works for all types of HMI. Infotainment Systems, Web Dashboards, iPaaS Platforms, Apps and Mobile Developments and Services Integration.


The construction of the best flow of screens for any project depends a lot on the clarity in which the scope is defined, the mapping of the real pains of the user, and the intuitive interaction that the user will have when navigating through an HMI. This work can be large in scopes of complex integrations, implying several different screens for a given HMI. The applied molecular design process implies the optimization of the project's change management process, whether in visual or structural aspects, ensuring the integrity of the designed design in 100% of the project, avoiding visual inconsistencies, eliminating HMI quality failures, and reducing the development time, hence the cost of your project.

Molecular Design

UX Design

Having a user-centered view implies processes that are able to capture the essence of the user's pains and desires when interacting with a product. Whether in screen construction, even physical aspects related to ergonomics, sensitive and visual aspects (brightness, colors, textures, etc.), they are part of the analysis in scope definition, development, tests, and validations in MVP environments or with beta-testers, until the final product or mode of operation is reached. This care is crucial in the development of any of our products and Roadmap. UX projects are delivered indirectly in our products or as a service.


The delivery of dynamic and interactive images takes the user experience to the next level, bringing sophistication and ease of interaction with any screen.

Gamification processes can be applied from screen flows, as in specific arts.

3D Modeling & Gamification

Studio & Design

The creative work may or may not be integral. Adaptation to customer processes and visual codes are part of the LogiGo development process. Full creation of visual communication, branding code, copyright and content production are all deliverable from LogiGo art studios.

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